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1. Requirement    2. Inquiry    3. Response  resp1   resp2   4. Result

1. Requirement: (Items, Please fill out All items 1 - 14)     sent: first copy to Inquiry Offices & 2nd copy PCT (Peru Coronavirus Team)

1. Technical Specifications
2. User Manual
3. CE Certificate
4. FDA Certificate
5. Export License
6. Operating License
7. ISO 13485
8. BPA Certificate
9.   Stock Situation
10. Manufacturing Time
11. Payment Method
12. Product Pictures
13. Packaging Details
14. Amount in US$Dollars
15. Pass a V-TRUST Audit
16. Provider (Company, plant) Info

 Answers for above Items:   (typical answer)

Item 1 - 8:  1. See Attached.  2. List, below. 2. Yes, Passed. 3. Yes, will provide later,  4. No, not Available. 5. No, still Waiting for Process Result.  6. No, Failed 

Item 9 .  Stock:  current Stock  in Plant _____,  average Stock __________  

Item 10:  _____days  after place Purchase Order with  Deposit.
Item 11:  L/C,  T/T: 100% , T/T 50% ___ Deposit & 50% ____ on Delivery,

Item 12 : Picture - Product, Company Brochure  

Item 13 : Packaging Picture & Diemension (in-cm) ,  weight per box, unit weight,  total weight
Item 14: Price...US$,    FOB Cn____,  EXW cn ___, C&F Pe ____, CIF Pe ____

Item 15: After review Items 1- 14... OK, Buyer will arrange V-Trust for site Visting -

Item16: Company name (Cn, En), Address (Cn, En), Contact Person Name/Email/Cell/Wechat/Skype-Whatsapp, Bank wire

OthersPlease present any info which will show your company Ability, Credity... such as: Our comapny established __1999__, Public List company, Employees __1500_-,
             Plant size __10,000 M2__,  2019 Revenue __$30,Million__, Export __$10Million, during 2020 Exported __$3M_,  2020 Export countries... Spain, Brazil...
             with some pictures.... copany, plant, production, warehouse, ... etc.
             (please do not use, Best, Excellent, Trusty words, be Specificy..... if you have attached  Company Brouchure PDF file is OK & Fine.)

2. Inquiry: sent: first copy (answer Requirement Items) to Inquiry Offices & 2nd copy PCT (Peru Coronavirus Team)     (Date,  Category, Description,  Assigned Investors/Importer,) 

   Project: Ventilator     Job: 5L Oxy Machine     (No deadline, but once fill out will be closed.)

6-24    Job: 5L Oxy Machine  (GJ-),        Job Title (in all emails):  5L-OXY-GJ-SEQ - (your company 3 digits abbrevation)__

             5L-OXY-GJ    5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator    5L 氧氣机   Qty: 250 Units      Destination: Callao - Lima, Peru
                                            amount about $75,000/Lot

             Reference Model:  DeVilbiss 525DS   德维塞斯 制氧机 (wholesale price was $600 range)

              Buyer Coord.: Cesar Condor +51 (972250223)

              Commission: Please reserve  1-3% of total contract amount to PCT as basic Commission  (please add in the Quoted Price)

3. Response1:     5L-OXY-GJ-2-SLM _
Resp2:  6-27 Shenlu SL-3  5L  thru LiuK  $300         5L-OXY-GJ-2-SLM      

Response1:     5L-OXY-GJ-1-HXY _            SHENZHENHONGXINYUAN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD                        

Dear Jorge,

We are pleased to offer 5 L Oxygen concentrator from China: 
SHENZHENHONGXINYUAN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD., related documents and product pictures as attached.

Commodity:  Oxygen concentrator 
Model No: XY-6S
Size: 5 liters
Package: one unit/carton, Carton size: 43.5*38*67.5cm, NW/GW: 18kg/21kg


Prepayment is requested.
Delivery time: 5 days after receiving 100% prepayment.
Valid: up to final confirmation.

Waiting for your comments,  
Neal Xia


to provide a quote regarding to Oxygen Concentration products with specifications as follow

-HTS Code


-Incoterm, air freight-

-Method of Payment(LC /TT) confirm % in advance and the other %.

-Terms of payment(before or after manufacturing date)

-Manufacturing lead time

-Production capability per day

-Goods origin

-Nearest port and airport of departure.

-Logistics information(boxes and qty measurements)

-Data sheet

-Certifications( CE, FDA, ISO, and other)

-Packaging type of master box

-Attach export certification.

-Acount bank

-Audit (China): Would you have troubles to be involved in auditory process through V-TRUST Company
in order to validate all the information?

Waiting  for your soonest reply.    Thank you.